What Is A Terpene? – It’s Importance

What Is A Terpene? – It’s Importance

What Is A terpene And Why Is It Gaining So Much Popularity?

Most cannabis users are well-informed when it comes to cannabinoids. For a while, two of the buzzwords that have been generating high search queries online are “CBD” and “THC.” It’s as if these are the only components of CBD-based products.

Green Roads Terpene FamilyBut while these two indeed play a huge role when it comes to products derived from cannabinoids, they are not the only ones that make CBD oil or CBD cream beneficial. Have you heard of terpenes? What is a terpene anyway? In this post, I’m going to introduce to you this new buzzword that’s taking the cannabis industry by storm.

Terpenes Vs Cannabinoids

You may not be aware of it, but you probably encounter terpenes on a regular basis. That thing that gives an orange fruit its citrus smell? Yes, that’s terpene. And that’s the same thing that gives some species of plants their unique aroma. Take lavender, for example. Did you know that it’s terpene that’s responsible for the plant’s relaxing and calming effects?

Terpenes are organic compounds produced by a variety of plants that give off an aromatic smell designed to ward off herbivores and attract predators. These compounds are also produced by some insects, although they are mostly associated with plants, particularly cannabis. And it’s not a surprise that people commonly associate terpenes with cannabis since the plant has a high concentration of these substances.

And yes, if you’re wondering, most CBD-based products, such as those by Green Roads, contain terpenes. It’s actually the combination of terpene, CBD, THC, and hundreds of other compounds that produces what we call the “entourage effect.”

Green Roads Blueberry TerpenesMost people only know cannabinoids as the compounds in cannabis that gives the plant its healing properties. The truth is that terpenes also play a huge role in that aspect. In fact, you can’t fully experience the benefits of using CBD products if they didn’t have terpenes. Speaking of which, if you want the full effect of CBD, I recommend you opt for full-spectrum CBD products, as they contain all known cannabinoids found in the hemp plant.

Types of Terpenes

The cannabis plant from which most CBD products are extracted contains several types of terpene. All these work together, along with other cannabinoids, to give CBD products their beneficial properties. The most common type of terpene found in cannabis is Myrcene, particularly β-myrcene. Some varieties of cannabis contain up to 60% of this compound. It’s this particular terpene that produces the “couch-lock” effect when consumed in high amounts.

Myrcene is a potent antioxidant. It possesses special medicinal properties, too. For one, it can lower the resistance across the barrier from the blood to the brain. This allows easy access of terpenes and other beneficial chemicals to cross the barrier more quickly. And you guess it right, myrcene allows cannabinoids to take effect more quickly.

Pinene is another terpene commonly produced by the cannabis plant. You will also find pinene in many conifers, particularly pine and fir trees. It’s this terpene that provides many plants their fresh and bright scent, as well as their therapeutic effects. In Japan, “forest bathing” is a very popular form of therapy. It involves taking walks in the forest and enjoying the scent of the atmosphere. Studies show that an abundant amount of pinene in a healthy forest can be very therapeutic.

Pineapple Express TerpenesYet another common terpene found in cannabis is limonene. If you’re wondering why its name sounds like lemon, it’s because it’s the compound that gives lemons, as well as oranges, their citrus smell. In cannabis strains, limonene is what promotes an uplift in attitude and mood.

It also assists in the quick absorption of other terpenes through different body tissues, particularly the skin. Based on research, limonene has therapeutic properties. It’s an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anti diabetic, and even anti-cancer benefits.

Humulene is another terpene found in cannabis. It’s also found in other plants, such as cloves, ginger, and Vietnamese coriander. And guess what? It’s this terpene that gives beer its distinct aroma. What makes this compound very important, though, is the fact that it possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anorectic, and anti-tumor properties. For centuries, this element has been used in Chinese medicine.

Recent studies have found that humulene could also help in the prevention of asthma and allergic reactions. It’s also been discovered that this terpene has cell-protective properties, which is beneficial for cancer treatment.

And then there’s beta-caryophyllene. This type of terpene is found in many herbs and vegetables, including cloves, Thai basil, cinnamon leaves, and black pepper. It also exists in small amounts in lavender.

Among all the terpenes found in plants, caryophyllene is the only one known to interact with the ECS or endocannabinoid system. Studies show that beta-caryophyllene, in particular, binds to the CBD2 receptor of the ECS and may help with the treatment of cancer.

All the studies mentioned here regarding the health benefits of terpenes does not necessarily mean that taking CBD products will cure you of any illness you may have. What this tells us is that terpenes have the potential to improve health and that it makes sense to use it if your goal is to boost your mental and physical well being.

Why Terpenes Matter

By now you should have a fair idea of why terpenes matter. Nevertheless, allow me to give three specific reasons why you should care about these organic compounds, especially when it comes to the use of CBD products.

The first reason that terpenes matter is that it heightens the effects of CBD. A 2011 study by neurologist Ethan Russo described how terpenes work with cannabinoids in boosting each other’s effect in the endocannabinoid system.

Person Taking Pineapple Express Terpenes
It was thought for a long that it was only THC that caused the psychoactive effects of cannabis. In this study, it was proven that the effects of TCH and other substances that interact with the endocannabinoid system can be modulated by terpenes.

Another reason that terpenes matter is that it has medical benefits just as we’ve already discussed earlier. This was confirmed by the same study mentioned above where terpenes were found to produce synergy and able to help in the treatment of pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, and even addiction. What’s even more interesting is that almost all the major terpenes present in cannabis were found to have either anti-inflammatory or analgesic effects.

The third and final reason that terpenes matter is that they provide CBD products their taste and flavor. The smell of terpenes can help you decide which type of cannabis is best for you. Not all CBD products taste and smell the same. If a particular product smells good to you, your body is probably telling you that you should get that product.

Terpenes And The “Entourage Effect”

We’ve been talking about the “entourage effect” for a while, so why don’t we go deeper into it a bit. When you use cannabis, your body takes in hundreds of the botanical compounds present in the plant. Each of these compounds delivers a unique effect.

Each of them also provides different benefits. The thing about these compounds is that their activity and effect may change when combined with other compounds. This is what the entourage effect is all about.

It works the same way as when you’re in a social setting. Your behavior is different when you’re alone than when you’re in the presence of other people. Your personality and your mood—or at least the way you project yourself—change depending on who you are with. The same thing happens with the compounds present in cannabis or the CBD products that you use.

Let’s take a look at this a little more scientifically. In 2010, a study was conducted among cancer patients. Each patient was given either pure THC extract or one that contained equal levels of CBD and THC. At the end of the study, the patients who received the latter—the extract containing both CBD and THC—reported experiencing less pain. This is a perfect representation of how the entourage effect works.

The thing is that cannabis is more than just CBD and THC. As we’ve already discussed, it also produces several other cannabinoids, as well as terpenes. And it’s not just the CBD and THC combo that delivers all those health benefits of using cannabis. That, combined with other cannabinoids, plus dozens of terpenes, is where all the excitement of using CBD products comes from.


I am not surprised that more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of terpenes and are making sure the CBD products they use contain these compounds.

Woman Taking Blueberry OG TerpenesSo, what is a terpene? As we have discussed, terpenes play an important role in regulating the effects of CBD-based products. Apart from terpenes, one wouldn’t fully enjoy the “entourage effect” as a result of using CBD. This is the reason I only get my CBD products from Green Roads.

With Green Roads, you can rest assured that all broad-spectrum and full-spectrum products contain enough terpenes for you to avail yourself of the full benefits of CBD. Click this link right now to gain access to Green Roads CBD products and start experiencing all the benefits that CBD has to offer!

Thank you all for reading my post about Terpenes. If you have any questions about this post, Terpenes or CBD Products feel free to contact me and I will get back to you within 24-48 hours but in most instances much sooner. You may also want to visit our website to view the entire line of CBD Products at www.HealthyGreenCBDOil.com

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    Thank you for your post. It is useful for me. I am using CBD for my back pain now. When I buy CBD products, I never think about terpene. From your article, I realized that terpene is important part of CBD.

    I particularly like your description on Why terpenes matter. It is apparent that terpenes have synergistic effects on CBD. This could be reason why some CBD products are not as good as others. I love the smell of the terpenes. I will certainly choose the CBD with good smell.

    It is kind of you sharing this useful information with us, which helps us to select higher quality CBD products.

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      Hi Anthony,

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    August 21, 2020 at 9:33 pm
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      Thank you for reading my post titled What Is A Terpene? – It’s Importance and for taking time to leave me your feedback about the article. If you have any questions about Terpenes or any type of CBD Oil or products feel free to contact me and I”ll get back to you in a timely manner. Also you may wish to browse our full CBD and Terpene line at http://www.HealthyGreenCBDOil.com for additional information.

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