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If you are a fan of CBD edible gummies, CBD infused products, CBD sour gummies or strawberry CBD gummies; you will love the NEW Fruit and Hemp!

Green Roads World has combined the delicious and refreshing taste of fruit with hemp to create the yummy, vegan and organic fruit and hemp strip. Much like the fruit roll-ups from your childhood, the fruit and hemp strips have a strawberry flavor with a twist of CBD.

Fruit and Hemp Strawberry

Feeling nostalgic yet?

Not only are the Fruit and hemp strips made with REAL fruit, they’ve also done away with all those icky GMO’s so you can enjoy a sweet snack without feeling guilty about what you’re putting in your body.

Edibles are an unequivocal favorite at Green Roads World. We’ve mastered the art of the Sour Froggie which comes in 100mg servings, the CBD gummy bears which come in 300mg servings and the newer assorted CBD lollypops come in 30mg servings.

With all this variety, we’ll literally have you feeling like a kid in a candy shop.

So why are vegan CBD edibles special?

With the focus on health in America, it is important to adhere to every food preference and give the food curious a chance to try something that they probably never would’ve considered before. Furthermore, GMO’s are definitely not something you should be ingesting.

Here’s why

GMO’s leave a lot to the imagination in terms of nutritional value and even nutritional labeling. Since GMO’s are banned in much of the world, they don’t require labeling here in the U.S. These sneaky practices are NOT ok at Green Roads World as we strive to be 100% transparent with our customers. Our all-natural CBD fruit and hemp strips are fully labeled as having strawberries, broad-spectrum CBD and agave. These mouthwatering bits have 50mg’s of CBD goodness infused in the entire roll.

Fruit and Hemp Strawberry

Furthermore, GMO’s require massive amounts of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Obviously, we know that we should not ingest poisons, so why would we actively choose to eat foods that are coated with poisonous materials. The cultivation of these plants also promotes pesticide runoffs into our water supply. Ideally, the more we stay away from pesticides, the healthier we’ll be. At Green Roads World, we use 100% organic hemp that is cultivated to the highest standards. We use full spectrum CBD with CO2 extraction and our cannabidiol is third-party tested for quality and purity.

Fruit and Hemp are flavored with strawberry cannabidiol and come in an easy to use canister making it super easy to take on the go. Fruit and Hemp is the perfect product for students, professionals and retirees. They also are a fun way to try CBD edibles.

Green Roads World stands by an impressive mission statement which aims to ensure its users an effective and safe holistic alternative to commercial medications and pharmaceuticals. Our product is merchandised throughout the United States and held to the highest standard.

If you’ve grown bored with your choice of CBD, try Green Roads World Fruit and Hemp strips infused with organic hemp and strawberry cannabidiol. If taking a bite out of this yummy fruit strip doesn’t remind you of your childhood, we don’t know what will. Purchase Green Roads World Fruit and Hemp strips today!


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