How Universities in the U.S. are Changing the Way We Think of Hemp

University of Florida Gainesville

How Universities in the U.S. are Changing the Way We Think of Hemp

The hemp-friendly bill that have allowed for the development and establishment of pilot research programs has facilitated hemp research in America. The legal framework allows industrial hemp to be studied at state universities. The nation’s most respected institutions are leading the charge in hemp science. These are five important programs that have an impact on the American hemp industry.

How universities in the U.S. are changing the way we think about hemp

University of Florida (Gainesville Florida)

University of Florida GainesvilleThe University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences was established in 2018. To launch a pilot hemp program, lawmakers in Tallahassee gave their support. This initiative was not supported by any state funds. Green Roads partnered with the university to donate $1.3 million to their newly established program. This partnership helped to fund the initial phase of research, which included materials, facilities, human resources, and equipment needed for the study and cultivation of industrial hemp.

Two areas of hemp science will be the focus of the pilot program at UF hemp. This includes identifying the most efficient strains of hemp for particular industrial applications, and setting up the best commercial cropping practices.

Southern Illinois (Carbondale, Illinois)

Southern Illinois University is one of the largest public research institutions in midwest. A key leader in hemp research across the country. The program was created in order to study medical marijuana and industrial hemp. It also aims at facilitating certificates for farmers and students.

Karen Midden, interim dean of agricultural sciences, stated that “We receive these requests and inputs form stakeholders, who reach us and tell us that they require the science.” We also get it from students, current and future students, that they want programs to prepare them to work in these areas.

Cornell University (Ithaca New York)

Ithaca’s university established a comprehensive research program in order to examine the impact of hemp on New York. The Empire State is well placed to be a major player within the hemp and CBD industries. The Cornell program aims to identify the most efficient methods to promote hemp production in the state. The program’s goals include identifying potential barriers to the industry’s development, including pests and seed issues. The university will also determine which varieties are best suited for different New York climates.

Purdue (West Lafayette, Indiana)

The Purdue Hemp Project is officially known. It is the largest hemp initiative in Indiana. The partnership between the Purdue College of Agriculture (Purdue Agricultural Experiment Station) makes it possible to manufacture hemp. The university has a team of professionals and industry experts, including farmers.

The Purdue Hemp Project website states that their mission is to provide information based on research. To support the development of hemp in Indiana and the Midwest.

University of California Los Angeles (Los Angeles County, California)

The University of California, Los Angeles was the first university to dedicate itself to cannabis research. UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative is one of the most respected programs in its field.

California has the highest legal age for cannabis use in the world. Jeffrey Chen, program director, predicts that Los Angeles will soon be the capital of the American CBD and cannabis industry. ” Our priority is to study and understand the therapeutic and medical effects of cannabis on the body, mind, and soul . Most importantly Our mission involves the interdisciplinarity of research into the broad-ranging legal, economic, social, and health impacts of cannabis .

This is how universities in the U.S. are changing the way we think about hemp.

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