Here’s How To Live Pain Free With CBD

Here’s How To Live Pain Free With CBD

Everyone wants to know how to live pain free.

Nobody deserves to be experiencing pain after all.

You know that pain is inevitable, and also know that it has some benefits. 

For one, we need the sensation of pain to let us know that something is wrong in our bodies and that something needs to be done to get it fixed.

In general, however, if there’s a way we could live with as little pain as possible, we would never hesitate to grab it.

Consider the story of my friend, Mark B from Spring Hil, Florida. By his mid-forties, he’s already had four total surgeries to treat his chronic back pain. 

Healthy Green CBD Oil - Man In PainHe also tried acupuncture and has had several sessions with different chiropractors. His doctor advised him to take Tylenol and Advil up to six times a day every day to ease the pain.

Years passed and my friend was still in pain.

Now, Mark was otherwise healthy. He was a bit overweight, but he was well apart from that.

He had some episodes of back pain before he got diagnosed, but he couldn’t remember any specific injury in the past that could have caused his condition.

However, one thing Mark did in the past was do a lot of lifting.

He would bend down and carry heavy stuff as a part of his job. In the beginning, all he felt were a few twinges.

As time went by, the pain progressed, which resulted in him eventually having surgery.

Back Surgery Didn’t Help My Friend

Most back pains do not require surgery. However, it is usually an option for people living with severe pain. In the U.S., back pain that won’t go away is one of the most common types of chronic pain.

Healthy Green CBD Oil - Senior Dealing With PainThere are several reasons one may need back surgery, and these include a slipped disk that doesn’t get better, bone spurs in the spine that are putting pressure on the spinal cord, weakness or numbness in the arms and legs, and a spinal infection, to name just a few.

Most patients with lower back pain who’ve had surgery recover rather quickly.

Thirty-five percent usually recover within a month, while most patients experience full recovery between three and six months.

However, patients whose pain does not go away even after six months after surgery often develop physical and psycho social symptoms that usually accompany chronic pain syndromes.

This was the case for my friend. I eventually told my friend about CBD and its ability to treat pain.

I’m going to share more about this part later, but if you’ve been suffering from pain for a long time and are curious as to how CBD might work, you can go to this page right now.

This time, let me explain why back pain medication doesn’t always help and why it didn’t make things better for Mark.

Back Pain Medication Doesn’t Always Help

Healthy Green CBD Oil - Man With Back PainA study done by Australian researchers that involved 6,000 participants found that only 16% of people taking NSAID medication for back pain experienced any meaningful reduction in their symptoms.

The study also found that people who took NSAIDs for back pain had a higher risk of developing gastrointestinal problems.

This is not to say medication for back pain doesn’t work at all. However, it’s interesting that the percentage of people experiencing relief with back pain medication is quite smaller than one would expect.

What’s even more unfortunate is that such medications have the potential to cause some serious side effects at the same time. Experts agree that staying active is a lot better in reducing back pain than taking over-the-counter drugs.

My friend Mark didn’t receive much relief from conventional drugs either. As I’ve mentioned, he took Tylenol and Advil (and maybe more) for years, and the least it did for him was give him relief for a couple of hours every time.

Photo Of Man With Back PainOut of desperation, Mark tried acupuncture. That’s when he realized natural remedies worked better than surgery and medication. I believe this is the reason he didn’t hesitate to try CBD when I introduced the product to him.

How CBD Made Life Pain-Free For Mark

We were having coffee one day when Mark mentioned he had surgery for chronic back pain. He said he tried certain drugs, as well, but to no avail.

He was excited to share with me that he was looking into natural remedies for back pain. That’s when I had the opportunity to talk to him about CBD.

Mark tried CBD oil and CBD cream, in particular, two of the most common CBD-based products nowadays.

Did it get rid of Mark’s back pain? Well, while using CBD didn’t eliminate 100% of Mark’s problem with his back, it worked a lot better than conventional pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Plus, it didn’t come with the nasty side effects that Mark had to deal with for years!

There are three ways CBD helped Mark live free from much of the pain he had from his back problem.

First, CBD reduces inflammation. According to studies, CBD could help reduce chronic pain by influencing endocannabinoid receptor activity.

Healthy Green CBD Oil - Woman In PainThis, in turn, reduces inflammation. One study has shown that this has something to do with CBD’s ability to help regulate cytokine production by immune cells.

Cytokines are proteins that play important roles in cell signaling, which are secreted by immune cells upon stimulation. They help balance the initiation and resolution of inflammation.

Another way CBD helped Mark is by the way it helped him combat anxiety, a condition that’s often associated with chronic back pain.

Experts are not yet fully sure about the exact way CBD affects CB1 receptors, although it is thought that it has something to do with how CBD alters serotonin signals.

CB1 receptors are found in the brain’s amygdala, and if this receptor is blocked, it results in an increase in anxiety. On the other hand, serotonin is the hormone that helps stabilize the mood.

And finally, CBD helped improve the quality of Mark’s sleep and his state of relaxation. If you are suffering from back pain yourself, you probably know how recurring pain can rob you of sleep and rest.

One of the benefits of CBD is that it produces relaxing effects. CBD does this by interacting with various receptor sites in the body that are associated with feel-good neurotransmitters.

This way, CBD helps to temporarily alter brain chemistry to promote feelings of contentment and relaxation.

Early studies suggest that CBD also increases anandamide levels in the body. Anandamide is referred to as the “bliss molecule,” and acts as an endocannabinoid neurotransmitter.

According to research, low levels of this molecule in the body often leads to mood disorders. That means higher levels of anandamide are required to achieve better moods.

What CBD does is inhibit enzymes that break down this neurotransmitter.

Are you curious as to what brand of CBD I recommended for Mark for his back pain problem

Click this link to find out now.

Should You Use CBD For Pain?

I love my friend Mark, and I would never recommend anything to him that would harm him in the long run.

I have been a CBD user myself, and while I don’t have chronic back pain like my friend did, I have benefited from CBD in a lot of other ways.

Are you experiencing chronic pain right now? Have you tried surgery or conventional treatment options to no avail? Perhaps you’d like to explore CBD and see if it helps.

CBD Gel Caps For Better HealthI know most people are wary about getting THC in their bloodstream out of using CBD. You probably want to use CBD now but are also worried about this same issue.

I can assure you, though, that there’s nothing to worry about, especially not THC. I understand why a lot of people are cautious about THC. After all, both CBD and THC are found in marijuana.

However, you have to understand that the law only allows 0.3% of THC in CBD-based products, and that amount is not enough to make you high.

Is CBD safe? According to the World Health Organization, CBD has a good safety profile and is generally well tolerated.

So, yes, it is safe. Of course, the quality of CBD-based products will depend on who made them, so it still makes sense to do your research before choosing which brand of CBD to invest in.

As for me, I only trust Green Roads. It’s what helped Mark and other people I know, and it’s what I will keep on recommending.


If you’re living with chronic pain like my friend Mark and are wondering how to live pain free, then I would highly recommend CBD-based products.

CBD TerpenesBased on studies, and anecdotal evidence—such as the ones I’ve shared here about Mark’s story—CBD has the potential to provide help in this area.

What’s great about CBD is that it acts as a full-body treatment and doesn’t simply target one area specifically, unless you’re using topical products, of course.

That said, using CBD can contribute to an overall feeling of pain relief and relaxation in a way that conventional pain killers cannot. If you’re ready to try CBD for back pain relief, just click this link and gain access to a wide range of high-quality CBD-based products.

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    I have had pain in my left neck and shoulders off and on for years.  I have tried massages, heat pads, and pain killers like Tylenol and Advil.  I have contemplated the CBD oils, but was concerned with the THC levels.  Good to read that the levels are low!  Thanks for sharing your story about your friend- so nice to hear the oils helped to relieve his pain.  

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