Here’s How To Live Pain Free With CBD

CBD Oil Being Used To Help Eliminate Back Pain

Here’s How To Live Pain Free With CBD

Everybody wants to live pain-free.

After all, nobody deserves to feel pain.

It is obvious that pain is inevitable. However, it also has its benefits.

One, the sensation of pain is necessary to tell us that something is wrong with our bodies and that we need to do something about it.

However, in general, we will always grab what we can live with the least pain possible.

Take a look at the story of Mark B, a friend from Spring Hil, Florida. He was in his mid-forties and had already had four surgeries to relieve his chronic back pain.

He has also tried acupuncture, and has been to several different chiropractors. To ease his pain, his doctor recommended that he take Tylenol or Advil six times per day.

My friend was still suffering after all these years.

Mark was otherwise well. Although he was slightly overweight, he was otherwise healthy.

Although he had back pain episodes before being diagnosed, he can’t recall any injuries that might have led to his condition.

Mark was a skilled lifter in the past.

As part of his job, he would bend down to carry heavy items. At first, he only felt a few twinges.

As the years passed, his pain worsened and he eventually had surgery.

My Friend Didn’t Get Help from Back Surgery

The majority of back problems do not require surgery. It is an option for those suffering from severe pain. Chronic pain is the most common type of back pain in the United States.

Healthy Green CBD Oil - Senior Dealing With Pain Back surgery may be necessary for a variety of reasons. These include a slipped disc that won’t heal, bone spurs that press on the spine, weakness in the arms or legs, or a spinal infection.

Patients with lower back pain that has been treated by surgery tend to recover quickly.

Three quarters of patients recover in a month. The majority experience complete recovery between three to six months.

Patients who experience persistent pain six months after surgery may develop psychosocial and physical symptoms. These symptoms are often associated with chronic pain syndromes.

My friend was able to confirm this. My friend was eventually informed about CBD and how it can be used to treat pain.

This part will be covered in more detail later. However, if you have been suffering from chronic pain and want to know how CBD might help, you can visit this page.

Let me now explain why back pain medication isn’t always effective and why it didn’t work for Mark.

Back Pain Medication doesn’t always help

Healthy Green CBD Oil - Man With Back Pain A study by Australian researchers that included 6,000 participants showed that only 16% of those who took NSAIDs for back pain had any significant reduction in symptoms.

A study found that those who used NSAIDs to treat back pain were at greater risk for developing gastrointestinal problems.

However, this does not mean that back pain medication doesn’t work. It’s surprising, however, that a smaller percentage of back pain sufferers are able to get relief from medication.

Even more concerning is the possibility of side effects. Experts agree that it is better to stay active than take over-the-counter medications for back pain relief.

Mark, my friend, didn’t get much relief from the conventional drugs. He took Advil and Tylenol for years. It did not provide him with much relief.

Photo Of Man With Back Pain Mark was desperate to try acupuncture. Mark realized that natural remedies were better than medication and surgery. This is why he was so excited to try CBD after I presented it to him.

How CBD made Mark’s life pain-free

Mark shared with us that he was suffering from chronic back pain while we were drinking coffee. He also said that he tried other drugs but with no success.

He was thrilled to tell me that he was researching natural treatments for back pain. I was able to speak with him about CBD.

Mark tested CBD oil and CBD cream. These are two of the most popular CBD-based products.

Can it help with Mark’s back pain? While CBD did not eliminate Mark’s back pain completely, it was a better option than traditional pain relievers or anti-inflammatory drugs.

It didn’t have the side effects Mark endured for so many years.

Mark was able to live without the back pain that CBD caused by his back problems in three different ways.

CBD is known to reduce inflammation. Studies have shown that CBD may reduce chronic pain by altering endocannabinoid receptor activation.

This, in turn reduces inflammation. This could be due to CBD’s ability regulate immune cell cytokine production.

The proteins called cytokines play an important role in cell signaling and are secreted when immune cells are stimulated. They are essential for the regulation of inflammation’s initiation and resolution.

Mark was also helped by CBD because it helped him fight anxiety. This is a condition often associated with chronic backpain.

Although experts aren’t sure how CBD affects CB1 receptors in a specific way, it is believed that CBD may have something to do with serotonin signalling.

CB1 receptors can be found in the brain’s Amygdala. If this receptor is blocked, it causes anxiety to increase. Serotonin, on the other hand is the hormone that stabilizes the mood.

Finally, CBD helped Mark to relax and improve his sleep quality. You may have experienced back pain and know that it can disrupt your sleep and cause you to feel tired.

CBD has relaxing properties. CBD works by interfacing with receptors in the body that correspond with neurotransmitters, which can produce a feeling of well-being.

CBD temporarily alters brain chemistry, promoting feelings of contentment as well as relaxation.

Recent studies have shown that CBD can also increase anandamide levels. Anandamide, also known as “bliss molecule”, acts as a neurotransmitter in the endocannabinoid system.

Research shows that low levels of this molecule can lead to mood disorders. To achieve better moods, you will need to have higher levels of anandamide.

CBD inhibits enzymes that degrade this neurotransmitter.

You might be interested in the brand of CBD that I recommended to Mark for his back pain.

Use this link to get now.

Can You Use CBD To Treat Pain?

Mark is my best friend and I am proud of him.

I am a CBD user and, while I don’t suffer from chronic back pain as my friend, I have experienced many other benefits.

Do you feel chronic pain? Are you tired of trying surgery and other conventional treatments? You might be interested in CBD to see if it can help.

CBD Gel Caps For Better Health I know that most people are concerned about the potential for THC to enter their bloodstream from CBD. You may be interested in CBD but also have concerns about the same thing.

However, I can assure that you have nothing to be concerned about, particularly not about THC. It’s understandable that people are concerned about THC. Both CBD and THC can be found in marijuana.

You must understand, however, that CBD-based products can only contain 0.3% THC. This is not enough to get you high.

Is CBD safe? The World Health Organization states that CBD is safe and well-tolerated.

It is therefore safe. Although CBD-based products can be of varying quality depending on their origin, it is still a good idea to research the brands before you decide which CBD brand to invest in.

Green Roads is the only company I trust. It was what helped Mark and others I know and what I will continue to recommend.


CBD-based products are highly recommended if you suffer from chronic pain, like Mark.

CBD Terpenes Based on studies and anecdotal evidence (such as those I shared about Mark’s story), CBD has the potential to help in this area.

CBD acts as a holistic treatment, and not just on one area, which is what’s amazing about it.

However, CBD can provide a more relaxing and pain-relieving experience than conventional painkillers. Click this link to access a wide variety of high-quality CBD products.

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    I have had pain in my left neck and shoulders off and on for years.  I have tried massages, heat pads, and pain killers like Tylenol and Advil.  I have contemplated the CBD oils, but was concerned with the THC levels.  Good to read that the levels are low!  Thanks for sharing your story about your friend- so nice to hear the oils helped to relieve his pain.  

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