CBD Terpenes Oils: A Combination of Health and Delight

CBD Terpenes Oils: A Combination of Health and Delight

cbd terpenes oils

CBD Terpenes Oils

Terpenes are the compounds that are responsible for the particular aroma of plants. The structure of these compounds differentiates one plant from another in terms of smell. Terpenes founds in the trichomes of the cannabis plant; and when infused with CBD, they intensify the response of cannabinoid receptors.

Terpene oils infuses with CBD as CBD terpene oils or CBD terps. However, Terpenes and CBD are not found naturally mixed together. Nonetheless, both compounds are secreted from the same trichome glands.

According to various sources, terpenes have been on a long evolutionary journey. All living things are producing these compounds (not just cannabis) as a natural product of many cellular processes. In plants, they have evolved a defence mechanism against certain predators and as a recruitment tool for other flowering plants. Because the same compounds may have different effects on different species. What may be repugnant to some animals ends up being quite pleasant for others. In the case of humans, terpenes are able to interact with many different kinds of receptors influencing mood and immune activity. Terpenes also are responsible for various classes of scents or odours including citrus, berry, mint, and pine.

Terpenes are not just good smelling compounds. As mentioned before, the combination of terpenes with other cannabinoids.such as CBD may enhance the therapeutic effects of the cannabinoids. They interact with synergy meaning that the combination of terpenes and cannabinoids produces a different or greater effect than the sum of the individual effects of the cannabinoids and terpenes.

In the case of CBD terpene oils, the terpenes in the product may bind to the same receptors as CBD or to the enzymes which degrade CBD affecting the magnitude of CBD’s effect or the levels of CBD present in the body, respectively.


Another way in which terpenes may affect cannabinoid action is their effect on CBD passage through the blood-brain-barrier (BBB). The blood-brain barrier is a thin tissue manufacture by mostly out of epithelial cells and tight junction proteins. This “barrier” is what separates the central nervous system from the rest of the body. This allows for the central nervous system to control what sort of compounds/cells/foreign bodies can enter it.

By doing this, certain terpenes can modulate membrane permeability (how much of a compound passes through a membrane) and dictate whether more or less of a compound goes through. Additionally, based on their structure, terpenes may calm or stimulate a person’s mood or alertness.


Other terpenes, such as caryophyllene, have thought to possess gastroprotective properties. As you can see, each terpene has their own characteristic effect and each terpene will, therefore, enhance CBD’s effects on the body in a different manner. For this reason, when picking a CBD terpene oil, you should aware of the CBD dose, what type of terpene is infusing, as well as the desired benefits you seek.

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