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    Are Your CBD Products Safe?

    The CBD industry has definitely grown much faster than anticipated. CBD is still relatively new, therefore, there are many producers that may not fulfil safety standards. Some manufacturers tend to take advantage of potential CBD users to make a profit off the growing awareness of CBD.

    We’re here to assure potential CBD users of their doubts and know of the concerns some may have with the product if they feel it’s not reliable. 

    There are three important factors to consider when purchasing your cannabidiol product: THC-free, Pharmacist Formulated and Third-Party Lab Tested.

    1. THC Free

    Tetrahydrocannabinol, (THC) is a cannabinoid, which produces psychoactive effects upon consumption (also known as getting high) and is still illegal in 20 states. 

    In the 29 remaining states and D.C., the amount of legal possession varies with each respective doctor’s recommendation or recreational law. 

    Our ships legally to all 50 states, however, because it is THC Free. To make sure you’re complying with the law, purchase CBD that is THC Free.

    2. Pharmacist Formulated

    As a growing industry, there are plenty of manufacturers that don’t put their patients first. Many are not formulating their CBD in labs, and rather create their product in un-secure environments. 

    Look for companies that involve licensed pharmacists to formulate their products. Every company that works with certified scientists will prove so on their sites.

    3. Third-Party Lab Tested

    Third-Party Lab Testing is crucial in both the health and cannabis industry. In house, testing will only show favourable results to the company, which is why consumers all need to be cautious when looking at the lab sheets each manufacturer provides. Any legitimate company will want a third party to look into their products to safeguard themselves from any technical legalities.

    If you’ve checked all three of these standards off your list, consider your CBD to be in the clear! From the mildest CBD oil to CBD cream formulated for back pain, make sure you check that you put your CBD Oil product through this test to assure you’re using a safe product every time.

    With the CBD market growing at an incredible rate and a lack of government regulation over the industry, it is crucial we have independent organizations responsible for keeping brands accountable for their actions and below-par products.